The Ministry of Health (MOH) has published information in many areas under its management: Estimated wholesale drug prices; Medical equipment prices; Information on functional foods, the list of products are in regulation and the list of products were banned; The price of medical consultations and medical treatments under health insurance's cover; The list price of services in public hospitals and clinics; The result of processing administrative procedures in the MOH.

All units of MOH have published their information so the public can access them. But the information appears under different channels and this creates some trouble.

Medical Public Portal will be a useful tool for the government agencies to check and update information and use them to make proper governing policies.

Businesses can check the price of the products they are selling. They can compare their prices with competitors and change business strategies or raise the quality of their products so they can compete on the market. The public can check for the price of medicines and health services. With information, they become independent supervisors and they can report problems to leaders of the health sector.

Vietnam has 60.000 pharmacies in the whole country and each place sells medicines at different prices. Normally people don't know about the list price of the medicine they want.

To solve the problem, MOH and Viettel Corp have cooperated to build the Medical Public Portal. The portal will publicly publish information relating to health services. The public can find the information they need on the Medical Public Portal and become supervisors of the health sector.