According to the site, bánh mì is a popular Vietnamese variety of sandwich that shares the same core ingredient of a baguette.

The baguette was brought over to Vietnam during the colonial period, and nowadays it is one of the few remaining legacies from the time. In the beginning, most banh mi sandwiches consisted of bread, meat, and seasonings, with no added vegetables.

Today, the possibilities are virtually limitless, the site noted. The sandwiches are stuffed with cold cuts, French butter, fresh mayonnaise, liver pâté, cucumbers, oyster sauce, garlic... and the list goes on. The bread should be light, with a delicate crust and a tender, chewy, and soft interior with a slightly sweet flavor.

Guotie from China came in first place in the latest TasteAtlas ranking. And Roti canai, the Malaysian breakfast of champions, placed second./.