Vietnam’s freeze dried sugarcane juice patented in US hinh anh 1Five spoon of dried sugarcane juice, 0.1 litre of water and ice are what needed to enjoy a glass of fresh sugarcane juice outside Vietnam. (Photo:

Hanoi (VNA) – Freeze dried sugarcane juice, a product of Vinamit Joint Stock Company, has been patented by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in the US market.

According to Vinamit Chairman Nguyen Lam Vien, the patent for the sugarcane juice lays foundation for Vinamit to strongly develop the protected brand in the US market.

Vien has received the US patent awards for a series of freeze dried beverages from Vietnamese fruits and vegetables over the past two months. Sugarcane juice and freeze dried sugarcane juice are the newest.

His drying technology, which converts liquid into powder but still keeps the originality and singularity of the substance, was patented by the US (US.No.10.676.797) in June 2020. Vinamit applies this technology to fruit and vegetables and has patents registered in the US and Vietnam.

In a bid to apply for the US’s patent, Vien had to prove that his technology was brand new at that time, and the preeminence it brought to the processed products, including freshness and richness in vitamin, minerals and probiotics.

The formula was then applied for production of sugarcane and fermented sugarcane juice, and it was successful at preserving the cane’s taste.

Vien then came to the idea of processing more Vietnamese fruits and vegetables,  helping Vietnamese people lead a healthy lifestyle.

Procedures to gain protection for Vien’s products are being made at the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam.

Vinamit is completing technology platforms to distribute its products to the customers in Vietnam, the US, Japan and more.

“Our products are not made to be eaten for fun. It’s lucky for us that the whole world is concerning how to improve health and immune system, particularly when the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming more complicated”, Vien said.

He hoped that in the next five years, Vinamit’s products would win the taste of more than 50 million customers, including 30 million Vietnamese and 20 million foreigners.

To bring Vietnamese products to global customers, he has connected with Amazon, Alibaba and many e-commerce platforms, and large online business systems./.