Vinh Phuc develops sustainable forestry economy

The northern province of Vinh Phuc is working towards the goal of sustainable and effective development of the forestry sector, thus enhancing incomes for stakeholders.
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Vinh Phuc, (VNA) – The northern province of Vinh Phuc is working towards the goal of sustainable and effective development of the forestry sector, thus enhancing incomes for stakeholders. 

Tightening the management of the use and protection of natural forests, intensifying the planting of production forest, developing multi-purpose farm forestry, and promoting the use of new kinds of trees with high economic value are among measures that the province is implementing towards the set goal. 

Vinh Phuc has more than 33,000 ha of forest and forest land, accounting for 27.5 percent of the province’s natural area. Special purpose forests cover nearly 16,000 ha, protective forests more than 4,000 ha and productive forests more than 13,000 ha. 

The provincial authority has realised that forestry plays a very important role in raising incomes for farmers, which in turn contributes to forest protection. Local agencies and administrations have been instructed to review and amend forest planning in accordance with real conditions, quickly complete the on-the-field zoning of three types of forests (special purpose, protective and productive forests), and sing contract with organisations, households and individuals in protecting and caring for forests. 

According to local statistics, agencies and organisations in the province have planted more than 2,700 ha of new forests and over 4.3 million scattered trees since 2017. An average 9,300 ha of forests were contracted out for protection and care each year during the period. Local plant nurseries produced an average 4 million young trees each year to supply for not only the province but also neighbouring localities. The province also harvested nearly 162,000 cu.m of wood.

Many models of intensive forestation have been set up using new types of trees such as Australian acacia, hybrid acacia, eucalyptus and Sua. In 2017, five pilot models of growing the BV10 hybrid acacia were set up in five districts and towns, which were later multiplied to replace the traditional eucalyptus. 

In 2018, 12 more models were implemented on a total area of 24 ha, piloting the cultivation of two types of hybrid acacia – the BV10 and BV16, followed by the pilot planting of other types of hybrid acacia and eucalyptus in 2019 and 2020. 

In addition, research on the cultivation of several precious medicinal plants has reaped success, paving the way for the growing of those plants in Tam Dao, Song Lo, Binh Xuyen districts and Phuc Yen city. 

The province also conducted studies on the models of animal raising or the cultivation of medicinal plants in combination with animal husbandry under forest canopy. 

Thanks to the right policy, the local forestry sector has reported higher production value. The province’s forestry production value has grown at an average rate of 3.65 percent a year during the period from 2017 to 2020. The value is estimated at nearly 120 billion VND (5.17 million USD) this year, up 12 percent from 2017. 

As one of the organisations contracted to manage, protect and develop forests in Vinh Phuc, the Vinh Phuc agri-forestry development centre is in charge of nearly 900 ha of forest. The centre has completed the survey of the condition of forest under its charge, and signed forest protection contracts with nearly 250 households. 

The centre has also planted nearly 170 ha of new forests, while taking care of over 360 ha of existing forests and produced nearly 720,000 young trees for planting. 

As of May 2020, Vinh Phuc had planted 392 ha of forests, up 1.61 percent from the same period last year and fulfilling 60.34 percent of the yearly plan.

Changes in local communities’ awareness have contributed to the development of the forestry economy./.


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