Vinh Phuc’s industrial parks remain attractive to investors hinh anh 1The factory of the Ohashi Tekko Vietnam company in Binh Xuyen Industrial Park of Vinh Phuc province (Photo: VNA)
Vinh Phuc (VNA) - Although the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic made the number of newly-established businesses during January-September in Vinh Phuc not high, the amount of registered investment in the northern province increased significantly compared to the same period last year.

In Vinh Phuc, Binh Xuyen district is considered an attractive destination for investors with more and more projects being put into production at industrial parks in the locality.

According to a report of the Vinh Phuc Industrial Park Management Board, by the end of September, Vinh Phuc province had granted investment licenses to 10 new domestic direct investment (DDI) projects and adjusted to increase capital for two DDI projects, with a total registered investment of over 5 trillion VND (219 million USD), equal to 108 percent of the set plan.

Also in the period, the province granted licenses to 24 new foreign direct investment (FDI) projects and adjusted to increase capital for 19 projects, with a total registered capital of 928.9 million USD, equivalent to 99 percent of the plan.

As of September 15, there were 404 valid investment projects, including 75 DDI ones totaling 19.4 trillion VND and 329 FDI ones totaling 5.37 billion USD.

In recent years, Binh Xuyen has been among the most attractive destinations.

Notably, the 287-ha Binh Xuyen industrial park with modern technical infrastructure has attracted the biggest numbers of projects and investments in the province. As of September 30, this industrial park had attracted 122 projects, including 84 FDI projects totalling over 1.27 billion USD, and 38 DDI ones totaling 3.79 trillion VND.  The occupancy rate had reached 92 percent.

As Vinh Phuc is currently working on the dual goals of fighting the pandemic and developing the economy, most of FDI enterprises overcome difficulties and strive to maintain stable production and business activities. In the last quarter of the year, Vinh Phuc strives to attract from five to eight new FDI projects with a registered capital of about 30-40 million USD and three new DDI projects with a total registered capital of about 270 billion VND./.