Hanoians look forward to DPRK-USA Summit hinh anh 1The Huc bridge in Hoan Kiem Lake, one of popular destinations for international visitors in Hanoi. (Source: planetware.com)
Hanoi (VNA) - During these days, Hanoi, where the second DPRK-USA Summit is taking place, is more bustling than ever and many of its residents also seem to be eager to welcome the event in their own ways.

Nguyen Huu Minh, a local retiree, took to the streets early on the morning of February 26 and did not forget to bring a camera with the hope of capturing the first images of the entourage of DPRK Chairman Kim Jong-un arriving in Hanoi for the second summit with US President Donald Trump which runs from February 27-28.

Minh cheerfully said it is a great honour for Hanoi to host the event, which is under international focus over the past weeks.

“This is the first-ever international peace summit held in the capital city. Vietnam’s position in the world will be improved as we can organise the summit,” Minh told the Vietnam News Agency (VNA).

As a person of a country that underwent wars in the past, Minh actually understands the value of peace and highly welcomes the DPRK-USA Hanoi Summit Vietnam.

“We strongly support the summit in Hanoi. The most important thing is that security must be ensured. If a peace deal is reached, it would be a definitely successful event,” he said.

These days, Hanoi’s major streets are also cleaner and more beautiful as they are decorated with the national flags of the DPRK, the US and the host Vietnam as well as flowers and posters. Hanoi authorities want to take this occasion to deliver the images of the “City for Peace” – the title was recognized by UNESCO 20 years ago.

Nguyen Van Thinh, 83, a resident in the inner district of Dong Da district, has walked around Hoan Kiem Lake - one of Hanoi’s symbols - to feel the city’s atmosphere during these days.

“I feel very happy. It’s a happiness of my whole life when witnessing the summit between the US and the DPRK taking place here. It is a great honour of the nation,” said Thinh, who was born and lived in Hanoi for decades.

“With ensured security and friendly people, I hope more international friends will come to the city in the future,” he said.

Sharing the common feelings with many local people, Dinh Thi Kim Nhung in Thanh Xuan district hailed the preparation work for the summit as it was well completed just in a short time.

“This is an honour of Hanoi which is recognized as the city for peace. We are so eager. Everything has been well prepared in a short time before the event takes place,” Nhung said.

Highlighting the nation’s pride to be chosen as the host of the summit, Nguyen Tien Thang, a student in Hanoi, hoped that he can contribute a small part to helping Vietnam thrive further.

“Being part of younger generations, I would try my best to study in order to help the country develop further,” Thang said.

With a warm reception and favourable conditions for international delegations and reporters, Hanoi authorities and people want to promote the images of a beautiful city and a safe, hospital destination for foreign visitors.-VNA
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