The orange orchard of Hà Văn Chiến’s family on Moc Chau Plateau welcomes hundreds of tourists every day. Chien is the first to successfully grow navel oranges in Moc Chau, which are seedless and known for their thin skin and sweetness.

To promote his orchard, Chien joined relevant authorities in promoting agricultural tours to attract visitors.

His enthusiasm has paid off, with more and more tourists coming to the orchard, where they can enjoy freshly-picked oranges.

The ripe orange colour is mixed with green leaves and endless rows of tea, while above is a cool, clear-blue sky, which all blend together to create a poetic and peaceful scene. Visitors can capture beautiful moments everywhere.

Visiting orange orchards and being immersed in nature, visitors can both rest and relax and take beautiful photos for unforgettable memories./.