Thanh Hoa border guards arrest drug trafficker hinh anh 1Thao Chong Lau at the police office (Source:

Thanh Hoa (VNA)
Border guards of the central province of Thanh Hoa on March 11 caught a man red handed in the act of trafficking 6 kg of crystal meth from Laos into Vietnam.

Thao Chong Lau (born in 1965 in Keo Te hamlet, Nhi Son commune, Muong Lat district, Thanh Hoa province) was arrested in the district’s Trung Ly commune.

The man confessed that he bought the drugs from a Lao man. 

The case is under further investigation.

In recent times, drug trafficking on the western border of Thanh Hoa province has been highly complex. Information sources from locals said that there are some Lao and Vietnamese nationals living along the borderline illegally transporting drugs into Vietnam.

Earlier this year, police in the central province of Thanh Hoa caught a series of drug trafficking cases in the locality.

On January 19, police in Thanh Hoa province’s Quan Hoa district caught Hoang Ngoc Bang (40 years old, from Muong Ly commune, Muong Lat district) selling a packet of heroin and one meth pill in Trung Son commune.

The same day, Quan Hoa police also arrested Vi Van Dong (36 years old, from Ta Ban hamlet, Trung Son commune) for drug trafficking and storage. They found 4,200 meth pills, a brick of heroin, 1 kg of crystal meth, and homemade weapons in his house. 

Earlier the same month, Thanh Hoa province’s police also seized two men attempting to smuggle 17,133 meth pills and 2 kg of methamphetamine. –VNA