Vietnam supports reform of UNSC working methods hinh anh 1Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy taps the gavel to start the debate (Photo: VNA) 

Hanoi, (VNA) – Vietnam, as the coordinator of the E10 in May, has stressed the stance and also the commitment of the E10 on the need to enhance the transparency, efficiency, inclusiveness and flexibility of the UN Security Council at an open video teleconference in lieu of the UNSC’s annual open debate on working methods on May 15.

Addressing the VTC, Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the UN, said the reform of UNC working methods would help the council well perform its mission assigned by the UN Charter, especially in the context of increasing challenges to multilateralism and difficulties caused by instabilities in the world.

The Ambassador welcomed recent efforts of the UNSC in building documents on working methods and principles toward raising transparency and efficiency, as well as to maintain operation amid the difficulties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He voiced the opinion that the UNSC should further enhance its inclusiveness, including optimising the participation and contribution of non-permanent members in their two-year tenure.

He also highlighted the need to continue ensuring the adherence to set working principles and press on with discussions on reforming the working methods of the council and its subordinate agencies as well as efforts to reform the council.  

The ambassador reiterated the commitment of the E10 to the goal of enhancing the efficiency of the UNSC and expressed the hope for more recommendations from UN member nations.

This is the second time the E10 has presented their common statement on the issue. The E10 countries have led the efforts to promote the reform of the UNSC’s working methods with certain results.

At the debate, UNSC members shared the resolve to continue reforming the council’s procedures and working methods to ensure the goal of maintaining international peace and security, the balance in increasing transparency, and increase consultation and discussions among the council’s members to promote efficiency.

Participants proposed increasing discussions with UN member nations, enhancing cooperation with other UN agencies and promoting the involvement of regional and non-governmental organisations.

As E10 coordinator in May, Vietnam plans to hold a video conference between E10 representatives and the UN Secretary-General, and several other activities to strengthen the coordination and cooperation among the group. /.