VnFinance in France holds finance-banking workshop hinh anh 1At the international workshop (Photo: VNA)
Paris (VNA) – The association of Vietnamese people working in finance in France (VnFinance) has recently held an international workshop, attracting a large number of Vietnamese and French experts who are interested in finance and banking.

Participants presented hot financial topics along with the development and application of new technology in the field.

VnFinance highlighted major issues and orientations in global finance and economy at the beginning of the workshop along with the impacts of trade protectionism and commercial war on the world’s economy and emerging markets, including Vietnam.

Nguyen Gia Khanh, head of risk research at BNP Paribas, mentioned possible risks and opportunities for emerging markets. He noted some countries have poured significant investments into various fields, including real estate, in recent years, and the investment trend is likely to increase in the time to come.

There will be a change in the global banking system with new technologies, he said. Thus, countries will have tremendous opportunities to develop or even surpass developed nations.

Fintech is a new topic presented by Dao Tung Lam, head of fund management at CFM Group.

Financial technology (Fintech) is the new technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services.

The recent developments have opened up more opportunities for this new technology to strengthen and improve its administration system.

The integrated machine and artificial intelligence systems also support investment strategies through the diversification of input data, detection and mitigation of risks, Lam said.

Blockchain is also one of the potential technologies to improve and develop the financial system at present, he added.

Other topics presented at the workshop were the technical application of banking data for digital marketing and advertising as well as other new cutting-edge technologies.-VNA