Four famous Vietnamese waterfalls introduced in stamp collection hinh anh 1Set of stamps featuring famous waterfalls in Vietnam (Photo:
Hanoi (VNA) – The Vietnam Post Corporation launched a set of stamps featuring famous waterfalls in Vietnam on August 15, aiming to promote the country's scenic landscapes to the public.

The four 43x32mm stamps, designed by painter Nguyen Duc Lan, depict the waterfalls of Dai Yem in northern Son La province, May in central Thanh Hoa province, Pongour in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong, and Suoi Tranh in southern Kien Giang province.

Dai Yem waterfall

Dai Yem, also known as Nang or Ban Vat, is located in Muong Sang commune, Moc Chau district, in the northern mountainous province of Son La. The waterfall is some 5 kilometres away from the centre of Moc Chau.

Four famous Vietnamese waterfalls introduced in stamp collection hinh anh 2Dai Yem waterfall (Photo: VNA)
It originated from two canyons, Bo Co Lam and Bo Ta Chu, in Vat Village, the home to the Thai ethnic minority. It is associated with the legend of love between a young man and a young woman in the mountainous region.

Dai Yem is most beautiful in the rainy season from April to September. The waterfall has a height of 100m, divided into two branches. One branch has up to nine floors (standing for nine steps of love in the legend) and the other, five. Separating the two levels of the waterfall is flat land from where tourists can admire the majestic scenery.

Strong water flows make up nine waterfall levels during rainy seasons, creating a breathtaking view. It has long been an unforgettable destination for visitors to Moc Chau Plateau.

Besides the main area, visitors can walk around to visit the Vat stream and surrounding hills and taste a wide range of specialities of the northwest cooked by the ethnic people. Those seeking new experiences can go downstream, learn how to catch fish with local people and understand the different kinds of rare fish living in the area.

May waterfall

May waterfall boasts pristine scenery with crystal clear waters. The over-100m waterfall is a charming place in Thach Lam commune of Thanh Hoa's Thach Thanh district.

Four famous Vietnamese waterfalls introduced in stamp collection hinh anh 3May waterfall (Photo: VNA)
The waterfall, some 90 kilometres from Thanh Hoa city, was created from part of the northern Truong Son karst mountain system.

The nine-step waterfall gives visitors a chance to enjoy a wild natural scenery and cultural traditions of residents from the Muong ethnic minority group.

Pongour waterfall

Meanwhile, Pongour Waterfall in Tan Hoi commune of Duc Trong district, about 50km to the south of Da Lat city's centre, is also called the "seven-level waterfall", since its waters flow down seven layers of rock. Thanks to its untouched and overwhelming beauty, Pongour is dubbed "Nam thien de nhat thac" (the best waterfall in the south) and has become one of the must-visit places in Da Lat.

Four famous Vietnamese waterfalls introduced in stamp collection hinh anh 4Pongour waterfall (Photo: VNA)
According to K'Ho magnanimous legend, this land was managed by a beautiful woman named Kanai (a head of a Kho tribe) in the old time. She was very good at conquering dangerous animals. Among those, four big rhinos always obeyed her commands; to change waste land to cultivate and fight enemies. Then, suddenly, one spring, she was dead on the full-moon day of the first month. That made the four rhinos very sad that they didn't eat anything and just sat by their boss until they died.

Then, one morning, native people saw that the place where she was born had a splendid waterfall. They said that Kanai's hair turned into the water and rhinos' horns turned into fossil stones to be arranged into order. It symbolised the attachment of humans and nature.

Suoi Tranh waterfall

Suoi Tranh, located in Duong To commune of Phu Quoc island district in the southern province of Kien Giang, comes from small streams on Ham Ninh Mountain. Its clear waters flow through rocks and cliffs, forming a stunning setting in the forest.

Four famous Vietnamese waterfalls introduced in stamp collection hinh anh 5Suoi Tranh waterfall (Photo: VNA)
The best time to visit Suoi Tranh is from June to January.

This set of stamps will be available from August 15 this year through June 2024./.