Government program takes flight to protect migratory birds hinh anh 1Vietnam is considered one of the most important locations for migratory and endemic birds (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh has signed a directive to protect migratory and wild birds in Vietnam.
According to Directive 4/CT-TTg, dated May 17, 2022, Vietnam is considered one of the most important locations for migratory and endemic birds, with 63 globally important bird regions and seven endemic areas.

Currently, the country is home to over 900 bird species, of which 99 need to be conserved, ten are categorized as critically endangered, 17 as endangered, 24 as near- endangered, and 48 as near-threatened species.

The habitats of wild and migratory birds have contributed to biodiversity conservation, tourism development, and the image of Vietnam.

Under the directive, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) was tasked to submit regulations on the preservation of wild and migratory wild birds in Vietnam.

Capture, killing and trade of rare birds will be strictly punished. (Photo: VietnamPlus)

Guidelines will be put in place on the management and protection of wild animals and migratory birds, including the protection of habitats, trans-boundary migration routes, and their stopover sites.

The MoNRE was assigned to work with other relevant countries and territories to protect wild animals and migratory species, and set up a system to monitor important flight paths of migratory birds. 

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development was assigned to work with forest rangers and local authorities to patrol, control, prevent and punish illegal hunting and capture of migratory birds.

It is very important to immediately coordinate with relevant agencies to complete legal provisions on sanctions for illegal actions.

The Ministry of Public Security was assigned to authorise environmental police to strengthen measures to handle violations of legal regulations. It's responsible for investigating, detecting and handling violations. It is also responsible for cracking down on trans-border illegal lines for purchasing, storing and trafficking wild and migrating birds. 

The trade department is in charge of any activities relating to managing commercial use, transport, storing and consumption of illegal birds for food. It will investigate all advertising measures, online trading of wild birds, and tools for trapping and catching birds with net, traps, and parts to assemble self-made rifles or guns.

The Ministry of Defence plans to strengthen its control of all border checkpoints to detect, arrest and handle all illegal trading of wild birds. 

Navigating and mapping the routes of migrating birds in coordination with other countries under the birds' migrating lines will be handled by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Last but not least, the Ministry of Information and Communication, National Television and National Radio will make public awareness a key responsibility. It is critical to make the wider public aware of the need not to hunt birds for food or export them for profit.

The incident of the home chef's apology came well before the new government directive, and there is a broad public consensus on the issue.

If a wild bird lives freely in nature, and one day it becomes a trophy on a plate, it is a human crime.

To sow any seeds of love in our children's future, it's essential to spread the message among the wider public. It is also critical to inform public opinion leaders and, of course, home-makers, who not only cook food for their families but also teach their children important life lessons. 

Our country lies along some of the essential itineraries of a wonderful array of migrating birds, and to complete the circle of life, we need to make a home for the birds that come to us as a stop-over in their life-long travel cycles. 

Vietnam has several bird sanctuaries recognised by UNESCO, and it's important to enlarge them and increase the bird populations for our common future to create a more diverse habitat in the country and beyond.

Our feathered friends are to be marvelled at and they deserve to be protected./.