National Party Congress will guarantee present and future of Vietnam: Cuban journalist hinh anh 1Alberto Salazar, a resident correspondent of Prensa Latina in Vietnam, in an interview with the Vietnam News Agency (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) - The 13th National Party Congress, scheduled to take place in Hanoi from January 25 to February 2, is attracting attention both in Vietnam and around the world, as it will mark an important milestone in setting out orientations for the country’s reforms, integration and development in the time ahead.

Alberto Salazar, a resident reporter of the Latin American News Agency Prensa Latina in Vietnam, told the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) that the 13th National Party Congress will have a direct impact on not only the macro-economy and society but also on each individual.

He recognised that this topic is part of people’s daily conversations. They are greatly interested in the 13th National Party Congress, as they know that decisions made will directly affect their lives.

The National Party Congress is the most significant event in Vietnam and the Communist Party’s leadership has always been a decisive factor in the country’s destiny throughout different periods in history, he said.

National Party Congress will guarantee present and future of Vietnam: Cuban journalist hinh anh 2Flags are hung along a street in Hanoi ahead of the 13th National Party Congress (Photo: VNA)
Having worked in the Southeast Asian country for three and a half years, Salazar said he has witnessed a number of positive changes, especially new works, and he feels safer here than anywhere else in the world.

The reporter also spoke highly of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)’s direct and consistent efforts in harmoniously coordinating with the Government to steer the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and recover the economy.

“The Communist Party has exerted every effort to ensure that even in the most trying of times, like fighting the pandemic, Vietnam remains among very few countries to post positive growth and guarantee social security,” he said.

Vietnam’s economy grew 2.91 percent in 2020 despite the pandemic - a pace many countries would envy even in normal times, Salazar noted, adding that most international organisations predict it will expand 6 percent this year.

In the interview, the Prensa Latina correspondent also highlighted Vietnam’s success as ASEAN Chair in 2020 despite the COVID-19 crisis. It held many teleconferences and phone talks with leaders of countries in the region and the world to coordinate the pandemic response strategy and maintain contact.

National Party Congress will guarantee present and future of Vietnam: Cuban journalist hinh anh 3A poster on the 13th National Party Congress on a street in Hanoi (Photo: VNA)
Vietnam also proposed many initiatives during the first year of its non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council for the 2020-2021, including securing recognition of December 27 as the International Day of Epidemic Preparedness, which was supported by all member states.

Its already high position on the international arena was enhanced after the successful fulfilment of these dual roles last year, he said.

“The Vietnamese people can be proud of their Communist Party,” Salazar said. “Likewise, the Communist Party can be proud of its people,” the reported stressed.

He also assessed preparations for the 13th National Party Congress as being swift and effective, which will ensure its success.

As the resolution of the upcoming National Party Congress will guarantee both the present and future of the country, and the event will also issue a vision for the country’s international integration process, he believed that Vietnam, which has long been respected by the world, will secure an even higher standing in the years to come./.