The skilled hands of its artisans have secured a place for Pho Khanh pottery products in the hearts of customers. The sharp focus and meticulousness of the artisans are prerequisites for creating fine rustic pottery products.

There was a time when the pottery of Pho Khanh commune seemed on the verge of disappearing. Customers had begun to prefer luxurious and modern pottery products rather than rustic items, which had a critical impact on prices and the market. Some artisans decided to find other jobs to earn a living.

When Pho Khanh pottery was flourishing, the village had 300 pottery-making households, but the figure has now fallen to just 10. Though Pho Khanh was recognised as a traditional pottery craft village, its products have no brand name.

Local authorities are urged to find stable markets for the pottery and introduce appropriate policies to develop human resources and support preservation efforts. It is also necessary for Pho Khanh to diversify its product offerings while retaining the unique features of its pottery./.